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What an unpleasant time this can be for some women.

A partial list of symptoms would include: hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, dry old looking skin, vaginal dryness, reduced libido, and pain with intercourse.

The Western treatment for this is to give synthetic hormones, while this will often suppress the symptoms, it is a dangerous strategy as it can increase your risk of certain life threatening diseases like stroke, heart attack, blood clots, breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and cardio vascular disease.

 It is natural and correct for a woman's body, after the child bearing years, to reduce the production of certain "sex" hormones.  Interestingly this reduction is not the "cause" of menopausal symptoms - if it were, then every woman would get every symptom every time.

As we know some women have one symptom but not another, some have them all, while some have none at all, so, obviously something else must be going on.

Education is a big focus of my practice; I want every patient to understand why they have the problems they are having and how they can get rid of them.  When it comes to menopause relief I do this in two ways:  First I give a free copy of my  DVD "BODY WISDOM" which explains the basic workings of the body, and secondly I give a free chapter from my book BODY WISDOM in which I explain the real causes of menopausal problems and how to resolve them without the use of harmful drugs.

We are Medford's first and longest continuous Acupuncture practice; we offer natural, holistic, drugless solutions to most painful/disease conditions. If you are suffering from this debilitating problem, call us and let's work together to get you the relief you deserve.