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Pre menstrual syndrome is a set of  possible symptoms that precede a woman's period, and is often relieved at the start of the menstrual flow (or shortly thereafter).

PMS for a given individual may consist of any, or all, of the following: cramping, breast tenderness, back or hip pain, headaches, bloating, irritability, depression, or just excess emotionality (crying easily, etc.)

The hormonal system is regulated by a number of organs and glands that all need to be working correctly in order for the period to run smoothly and painlessly.  A malfunction in any component of this system can lead to the symptoms of PMS.

A primary focus of Oriental Medicine (besides our stellar results with pain relief) is to improve and normalize the functions of organs and glands.  This is why we have such good luck solving PMS.  On my DVD BODY WISDOM I go into these issues in depth so that you will understand why you are suffering from this very unpleasant malady and how we can work together to resolve it; and by the way the DVD is free to my patients.

We are Medford's first and longest continuous Acupuncture practice; we offer natural, holistic, drugless solutions to most painful/disease conditions. If you are suffering from this debilitating problem, call us and let's work together to get you the relief you deserve.