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Sciatica is pain in the sciatic nerve radiating down the leg.  Nerves are living electrical wires that conduct measurable electricity, we don't experience nerve pain unless something somewhere is impinging on that nerve and retarding the flow of electricity in it.

The nerves to the legs exit between the vertebrae of the lower back.

People often think that the typical cause of sciatica is a problem with a disc, fortunately this is true in only a limited number of cases.   It is more likely that the pressure on the sciatic is brought on by something as simple as a spasmed muscle, or pockets of swelling and inflammation.

Acupuncture is great at releasing spasmed muscles and also at reducing swelling and inflammation, this is why we can bring significant pain relief to more than 80% of the sciatica patients we treat.

We are Medford's oldest and longest continuos acupuncture practice; we offer natural holistic, drugless solutions to most painful conditions.  If you are suffering from this debilitating malady call me and let's work together to get you the pain relief you deserve !