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Shoulder pain will often be accompanied by restricted mobility of the arm, and often makes it difficult to sleep comfortably.  There may also be pain radiating down the arm or towards the neck or upper back. This is a very common problem which is why I have treated it virtually every day in my more than 32 years of acupuncture practice here in the Medford, Rogue Valley area. 

 Most shoulder pain is a result of either arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis. 

The word "itis" means inflammation - and inflammation means pain; possibly accompanied by swelling, redness, and heat.   Depending on which type of tissue is inflamed determines if it is tendonitis (inflamed tendon), bursitis (inflamed bursa), or arthritis (inflammation of a bone or joint.)

One component of all painful conditions is restricted circulation in the painful area.  By stimulating increased circulation to the area we can cause your body to bring special healing materials (red and white blood cells, lymphatic fluid, naturally produced anti-inflammatory chemicals like cortisol, etc.) needed to bring down the pain of all of these types of inflammation. 

We are Medford's first and longest continuos Acupuncture practice; we offer natural, holistic, drugless solutions to most painful/disease conditions. If you are suffering from this debilitating problem, call us and let's work together to get you the relief you deserve.